Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave) – Model Curio (16 Lit)


• Class N autoclave (according to European Standard EN 13060)
• LCD display
• A built-in independent steam generator, making the sterilization cycle faster
• Sterilization temperate:121°C / 1.1 bar OR 134°C / 2.1bar
• Door Protection Locking System to prevents the cycle from starting
• Door Protection Locking System also prevents the door from opening till presence of pressure in the chamber
• Pressure Safety Valve prevents over pressure loudening in chamber and generator
• A safety fuses prevent over heating in the chamber and generator
• Automatic detection & identification of error in the machine or programming
• Water level indicator switch in the water tank to control the max and min water level
• Documentation of the records can be done through printer (Optional Item)

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Additional information

Chamber Volume

16 Liters

Chamber Size

Φ 230 x 360 mm

Sterilization Temperature

121°C / 134°C

Sterilization Programs

3 types

Capacity of Distilled Water Tank

Approx 2.5 L (Max Water Level)
Approx 0.5 L (Min Water Level)


LCD Display


AC 220 V – 240 V; 50-60 Hz


1600 VA

Outer Dimensions

445 × 400, 590 mm

Net Weight

43 Kg