Gas Chromatograph


• Microprocessor based Control System
• Fully Functional System consists of precision flow control, sampler, column boxes, detectors, temperature control, detect circuit and chromatography workstation
• Controls through large-screen LCD with real-time display of all parameters
• Provision for simultaneous use of FID and TCD
• Feasibility to install the packed column and capillary column for the corresponding analysis
• Offers functions like Temperature limit setting, Analysis time count, Dynamic scan, Power data protection etc.
• Capillary injector cleaning function with the membrane effectively prevents error peaks when the injector is at high temperatures
• Digital flow control valve knob adjustment offers precision and reliability
• Injector availability with two options: Packed Column Sampler for packed column and large-bore capillary column analysis and Capillary Sampler suitable for small-caliber, large-bore capillary column analysis
• Availability of variety of Detector options
• Feasibility of Rich injector & Detector combination

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Additional information

Temperature Range

5⁰C ~ 399⁰C (Increment 1⁰C)

Temperature Accuracy

Better than ± 0.1⁰C (200⁰C)

Temperature Magnification


Temperature Rise Rate

0.1⁰C ~ 40⁰C / min (Increment 1⁰C) (200⁰C)

Temperature Magnification Time

0 ~ 655 min (Increment 1min)

Temperature Associated Parts

Column Box, Thermal Conductivity, Detector, Injector, Capillary Injector

TCD Sensitivity

≥ 3000 / mg

Gas Flow Rate Stability

≤ 1%

FID Detection Limit

≤ 8 X 10-12 g/s


RS232C Serial Interface for Analysis Software


220 V ± 22 V; 50 Hz ± 0.5 Hz


800 X 650 X 570 mm


65 kg